Roller Coaster

Week one is officially over and in the books. As I am preparing my lessons for the week two, I also find myself preparing my heart for these kids. On our first Thursday staff meeting, Mr. John asked us to describe the week in one to two words. At the time, I chose roller coaster. It was a really good week, but it was also stressful and tiring. The first week was definitely one of trial and error. By the end of the day Friday, however, none of those things mattered. I was filled with an overwhelming peace, shalom in a sense. See, there is a sense of peace that covers you when you are exactly where God wants you to be. It is that peace that satisfies you to the point that no matter what bad thing happens or doesn’t go to plan, you don’t care. It is still a good day. You know that you have received that peace when you are so exhausted from the trials that this week has given you, but you know that you could not be happier than you are at this moment. This is the exact feeling that I have each and every day. If Mr. John were to ask me right now to describe the first week in one to two words, I would say absolute contentment.

I have been volunteering at Light of the Village for almost two years for the afterschool program. Summer camp is a totally different ballgame, and I love it so much more because I get to spend so much more time with the kids. Most people commend me for my service at the ministry. What they don’t know is that I could not do this if it weren’t for God first and the kids second. Those kids are what drives me to get out of bed in the morning, no matter how tired I am, and still show up with a smiling face. I get to the campus, and I am filled with joy. When I tell people about what I do at Light of the Village, they commend me and tell me how much I am changing these children’s lives. But it is in fact the kids who are changing mine. – Hilary Schultz

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