Amelia: Learning and Growing

First of all, how blessed am I to get the opportunity to serve Christ again this summer with my Light of the Village family? It is an amazing feeling to be back with theses beautiful people who led me to my passion for Christ and bringing God’s Word to the kids. Last year I was a brand new intern, fresh out of high school. I didn’t know how to put a Bible study together or pray out loud. Now I have found myself called once again to be a humble servant of the Lord and spread His Word to all who will listen. Not only have I grown tremendously in my relationship with Christ and in my skill as an intern, I get the privilege of watching a huge group of new interns grow in the same way I did last year. I have worked and learned alongside them for the past two weeks and oh how my heart soars to see them flourish under God’s guidance. We have laughed, cried, sweated, bled, and laughed again. We have a bond that I have only ever experienced with Light of the Village people. We run as a well-oiled machine from LOV to Hope to Faith and back again. I can’t wait to see what the next seven weeks hold. I know it will be a summer I will never forget. – Amelia Guarino

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