I Want More

This summer I encountered an individual who was inquisitive about how I got involved at LOV. My response was quite simple. I came one day, and I kept showing back up. I simply wanted more…more of the kids, more of God moving, more of His love being poured out, more fellowship with believers who are all-in, more of the feeling of the Holy Spirit moving and working, more truth and love in word and deed, more of the Light of Christ in a dark community, I just wanted more of God. I feel the strongest connection with God on the mission fields abroad and in my moments at LOV. He is in their faces. He is with them in their struggles. He is with them in their successes. He is with them in their losses and their victories. He is with us always. I am like a sponge seeking to soak up the essence of my Savior…and I find Him there.
As I reflect back over the summer and our mission trip to Juarez, Mexico, I am left in awe of the way in which God is capable to love and comfort me in such a perfectly personal way while doing the same for everyone else. He knows each of our kids and adults at LOV and where they are not only in this life but also in their relationship with Him.
Summer camp is a beautiful orchestra of laughter, smiles, tears, rain, storms, sunshine, grace, redemption, song, dance, praise, and prayers. The campus is so alive and buzzing with not only the familiar sounds of cowbells, van horns, LOV classics, but most importantly the Gospel of Christ. I am so blessed to be a witness to the Glory of God on display in the Alabama Village. Love has an address. I have seen lives change and horizons expand at this special place.
Our team for Juarez was divinely woven together to create a tapestry of love to be shared with the people of Mexico. I have seen God’s love in action through the service of our Teenleaders to a people group which does not share our language of English, but clearly shares the language of Christ. I have been so proud to see them blossom into disciples and missionaries abroad. They each used their God given talents to share the love of Christ with the people of Juarez and El Paso.
I did not know what God had in store for me five years ago when I started volunteering at LOV…but I do know this: I want more.
– Kristen
*Sidenote: We need to take a moment and brag on Kristen. She’s our resident photographer. The vast majority of the photos you’ve seen online are her handiwork. God’s given her a beautiful gift, and we are so thankful she shares it with us!

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