Something’s Happening Here That I Just Can’t Explain: Part 2


As camp draws to an end, I cannot help but reflect over the summer. This being my second summer, I find myself reflecting back to last summer as well. Last summer I realized that it was Jesus Himself who was working in the Alabama Village and Jesus Himself who called me to work camp. While I know the answer is always Jesus, there are still some things I just cannot explain. I still cannot explain why I am still here. As I watch my eleven to fourteen year old boys squirt their art project (made with water bottles) to make it look like they are peeing, I question why am I still here? As every kid passes me and necks me (slaps my neck), I question why I am still here? When half my group changed my name to Cody, I questioned why I am still here? As I struggle to teach a Bible study or ashamedly fight the urge to body slam a kid, I question why I am still here? As my court games do not go exactly the way they are supposed to or as our assembly games fail, I question why I am still here?


But at the same time I see my group having fun and laughing. I see how a few of my guys answer Bible study questions and actually get it. I see the smile on the kids faces as they play on the court. I see my guys joking around with me and each other. I see the TeenLeaders building relationships with the interns and opening up. I see that each of the guys in my group has dreams, to be engineers, or welders, or nurses, and of course NBA players. And as Mordecai questioned Esther in 4:14 “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” I feel Christ has kept me here a second summer for such a time as this. God could have sent anyone to work camp this year but he wanted to use a time as this to use me for his kingdom work and even more importantly teach me what it means to be the light and to love. God has truly took this summer as an opportunity to give me hands-on ministry experience and as crazy as it sounds even a time of rest before I enter the academic world of ministry in seminary. And again I can explain it. Christ is the reason I am still here, because not everyone can do what we do, not everyone wants to do what we do. It truly takes a call from God.

– Colton


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