Adjusting My Focus and Increasing My Faith

Hi, my name is Hien. This is my second summer to work Summer Bible Camp at Light of the Village, and it has been and continues to be such a treat! I have the awesome privilege of teaching bible study to the 6 and 7 year olds. I also teach media as a rotation. What a wonderful and challenging summer of camp it has been!


Hien praying with the Littles at Camp Faith.

Teaching Bible study has been the most challenging thing for me these past few weeks. I have been averaging about 20 littles, and it has been tough. I feel as if I am getting nothing across to them in Bible study, because they are either confused or they just do not want to listen. I felt so defeated because I felt like my littles were not learning anything in Bible study. I kept thinking, “What am I doing wrong?” Every time I would ask them what we learned about, they always gave me blank stares.


Hien teaching Bible study to the Littles at Camp Faith.

About the second or third day of Bible study when I asked, I had that one same little girl who could tell me everything word for word, and she just got it, and I thought back to what Mr. John tells us all the time. Sometimes we get so caught up in focusing on everything all around us that we forget to focus on that one child. I kept thinking of every little thing else, that I forgot to focus on that one child. This quote from the first week of the Bible study came to mind, “Every challenge is an opportunity to increase our fear or faith.”

I am looking forward to all the things that God has in store for these three camps this summer! I am so excited that He has allowed me to be a small part of what He is going to do this summer!


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