Little Surprises

Tammy with her 11-14 year old girls at Camp Faith!

Tammy’s 11-14 year old girls at Camp Faith!

Summer camp is always filled with surprises, but it’s the little ones that take us by biggest surprise. God has a way of showing that His ways are always best. I was a little apprehensive about one of the girls from last year coming back to camp this year. I felt that she would be a great distraction to the other girls in my group. I just knew all she wanted was to come see how many boys would pay her attention. I began praying about it; I told God I wanted His will to take place.


The older girls in action, busy working on a craft!

The next day sure enough she was back. I had an uneasy feeling. Yet, God showed me I was wrong. She listened during Bible study. She played the games. And the biggest surprise of all, at the end of the day she had earned Super Hero status! God showed me that truly loving someone goes a long way. He showed me that trusting Him to handle the situation is always best. I’m so thankful for those little surprises and all my girls this year!

– Tammy

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