Senior Spotlight: Tashjian

We want to take some time this month to introduce you to some of our high school seniors and celebrate their accomplishments. We are so very proud of these individuals because they have persevered when the world around them pressured them to give up. They have displayed great commitment in their schoolwork, athletics, after-school jobs, service to Christ at LOV, attendance at Bible study, and for some, even in their parenting. Yes, “the Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy” (Psalm 126:3)! We thank God for the opportunity He’s given us to work with these amazing individuals. So without further ado, we introduce Tashjian 🙂


Tashjian volunteering at one of our Easter block parties this year.

Tashjian has been with us at LOV for six years attending church on Sundays, working as a TeenLeader, and playing on our basketball teams. He recently traveled with us to Juarez, Mexico on our first international mission trip back in February. Though Tashjian has been accepted at Faulkner State Community College, he has his heart set on becoming a welder. He even got to do some welding with us in Mexico when he welded the front door for the house our team was building! He would like to get his start in welding by serving in the Air Force and has been studying for weeks preparing for the ASVAB.

He says the biggest challenge he’s faced thus far is waking up every morning and going to school, making the day-to-day decision to do what it takes to graduate. Four years ago, he was excited to have even made it to high school. It looked for a while as if he wasn’t going to pass the eighth grade. But he did, and now he is getting ready to graduate! How awesome to see how God carries us through things we never thought possible!

Tashjian shared with us about his first day of high school. It seems to have been a rough one! He says it was great and terrible all at the same time. He remembers having gotten all dressed up for his first day of school (as many anxious freshmen do) in his white polo and khakis. The school bus came that morning, and Tashjian took his seat on the bus. And for whatever unknown reason, rain or a spill perhaps, the seat was soaking wet! And as soon as Tashjian sat down, so was he! So baby freshman Tashjian showed up to his first day of high school in wet clothes. Then he got assigned to the band homeroom,…but he wasn’t in band. So that was awkward. Thankfully, once he arrived to his homeroom, he spotted familiar faces from his previous schools and was able to connect with them. Overall, he says that his first day of high school brought lots of laughs and the beginnings of many friendships he has kept to this day.

We are so thankful that Tashjian is at a point in his journey where he can look back fondly on the last four years, and confidently close that chapter and move to the next, keeping Christ constantly as his guide. We love you, Tashjian!

10384458_10153030589057180_681376138727130603_n (1)

Tashjian loving on the children of Juarez.

10991281_10153032405492180_5535012166214629056_n (1)

Tashjian’s handiwork in Juarez, the front door for the house our team was building.

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