On Mission in Mexico: Meet Jesse

Jesse is 14 years old and a freshman at Chickasaw High School. He may be the youngest on our team, but he is the oldest of three boys in his family. Jerel is 12, and Jeremiah is 10. Jesse hopes to become a role model for his brothers, “like a superhero” he says, “strong, smart, courageous.” He plans to achieve this by showing them respect and love.

Jesse starts as the small forward on the LOV lions basketball team, and plans to go out for the Chickasaw High School football and baseball teams next year. In school, he enjoys Science, and even admits to watching Animal Planet and Science Channel in his spare time. He likes the creativity involved in making new things and would like to work in a field involving science when he “grows up.”

Jesse has been coming to LOV since he was about 6 years old. Jesse was so young when he started coming to Light of the VIllage, he doesn’t remember his first time at LOV. Jesse was even one of our first kids to start coming from neighboring Gulf Village.

This is Jesse’s first time outside the state of Alabama. Though it was his first time flying (we are currently in Houston), he handled it well! He says only taking off and landing were a little scary. Jesse is excited about building a house for a family in need. He is asking God to help him emotionally, physically, and spiritually to help others this week. Please be in prayer with him for this.

To hear more about Jesse’s journey to Mexico, join us for our annual banquet Night in the Light on March 5 at 6pm at the Fairgrounds. Seats can be reserved here: http://nightinthelight2015.brownpapertickets.com/

Blues' Wedding 032 (2)

Jesse (age 7) with his youngest brother Jeremiah (age 3) at LOV.


Jesse working hard at the after school program this semester.

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