On Mission in Mexico: Meet Patricia

Patricia is 20 years old and a 2014 graduate of Vigor High School. To know her truly is to love her. She is goofy and fun-loving, while kind and capable. Her friends call her Pony, and her family calls her Red. And while we know that she prefers “Patricia” over any nickname, we enjoy working in the phrase “Pony ain’t no phony!” almost any chance we get!

As a high school student, she was an athlete and a leader, playing basketball for four years while serving in JROTC and becoming the battalion commander her senior year. She’s pretty impressive. We know. And let’s be honest, the girl was born to play basketball. She has hands that were practically made to palm a basketball, and her height doesn’t hurt either. She started college in the fall of 2014 at Bishop State where she is playing basketball while pursing a degree in culinary arts. She has goals of being a chef and serving in the military or perhaps even serving in the military as a chef! Patricia is not only a college freshman with big dreams, but a remarkable mother to her beautiful, highly ticklish six-year old daughter, Natalia.

We have been blessed to have her as a TeenLeader for the last two summers, working with our children at our Summer Bible Camps. But Patricia’s journey at LOV started much earlier. Patricia started coming to Summer Bible Camp at LOV when she was about 12 years old. She has been a regular participant in our Wednesday high school girls’ Bible study and brings her younger sisters and brother to church each Sunday. We are so proud that Patricia is creating such a legacy of service to Christ for her daughter and siblings. Who knows? Ten years from now, one of them may be traveling with us on a mission trip!

Patricia never meets a stranger and is excited about meeting new people on this trip. She says she is excited to visit another state. She, like most, is nervous about the plane ride because it’s her first time flying. Her goals for the trip are to stay focused on what she has to do and remember she is doing this for Christ. She asks that you pray for our safety, that we have a smooth trip there and back, and pray that Jesus will watch over her daughter and keep her in safe hands at all times.

To hear all about Patricia’s journey to Mexico, join us for our annual banquet Night in the Light March 5 at 6pm at the Fairgrounds. Reserve your seats online here: http://nightinthelight2015.brownpapertickets.com/

Patricia and Natalia SBC 2011

Patricia (age 16) and Natalia (age 2) at Summer Bible Camp 2011.

1274668_10151703325378131_2136531727_o (1)_1380554290709

Patricia being baptized by John on 9/29/2013 at Spring Hill Baptist Church.


Patricia scoring the first points of her college basketball career at Bishop State.

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