On Mission in Mexico: Meet Philanesha

Meet Philanesha, better known as Phil Phil. She has been coming to Light of the Village since she was about 7 years old. She is now 17 and getting ready to graduate from Vigor High School in May! She plans to attend Faulkner State in the fall and live on campus in Bay Minette. After completing her first two years there, she will transfer to a university where she can study psychology. (We think she’d make a wonderful child psychologist, but we’re just sayin’!)

Phil has been involved in most every aspect of LOV at one time or another. It’s pretty impressive, really! During her 6th and 7th grade years, she was a student in the LOV Christian Academy. She has attended or worked EVERY Summer Bible Camp Light of the Village has ever hosted! That’s 10 years of Summer Bible Camps! Now, she stays connected throughout the school year as a TeenLeader, making candles to raise funds for this mission trip to Mexico, attending our Wednesday high school girls’ Bible study, and helping at the after school program.

Philanesha is the oldest of four, soon to be five, girls in her family! So she has lots of experience with babysitting! At Vigor, Phil had the opportunity to take cooking and drawing classes and through these classes found that she really enjoys both of these hobbies! As if her days weren’t full enough with volunteering at LOV and babysitting, she is also playing varsity softball for Vigor this year. Go Lady Wolves!

As with most of our team members, Phil has never been on a plane. (We are in for a real treat!) So naturally, she says she is most nervous about getting on a plane for the first time. The farthest Phil has ever traveled is to Atlanta, GA (by car, of course), and she is excited to go and see what Mexico looks like and to see the mountains. And we can’t say we blame her!

She asks that you pray specifically that she will be able to complete her assigned tasks and persevere in the hard work that is ahead of her in Mexico.

To hear all about Philanesha’s journey to Mexico, join us for A Night in the Light on March 5 at 6pm at the Fairgrounds! Reserve your seat here: http://nightinthelight2015.brownpapertickets.com/.

IMG_1868       Philanesha

Philanesha around age 7 or 8.                                                           Phil last year as a high school Junior.
Taken at LOV.                                                                                            Taken at LOV.    

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