Brooke: You are Worthy. You are Loved.


My youth pastor used to tell me “Your life may be the only Bible some people read!” This is something that I have kept in my mind this summer as I have been interning at Light of the Village. The past five weeks have been filled with hugging, getting my hair done at the “beauty salon,” dancing, giving piggy back rides, playing the Wii with the kids, laughing, pushing kids on the swings, singing, and most importantly seeing God move in our kids. 

I am the intern for the six and seven year olds, and I also teach the media rotation that all of the kids come to. I absolutely love doing Bible study with the six and seven year olds. They are at the age where they are so curious about everything, and they always are eager to learn new things during the Bible study. The first week of camp, we came up with movements for them to learn the Bible verse of the week which was Psalm 119:105 “Your Word is a lamp into my feet and a light into my path.” I challenged them all day to go home, memorize the verse, come back the next day, and recite it to me for a treat. The next day as soon as I got to camp, they ran up to me saying, “Miss Brooke, I know the Bible verse. Can I go first today?” Every single one of them knew their Bible verse, and I was so proud. 
One of my favorite parts of camp is assembly at the beginning of the day. Yes, it is chaotic, but the kids absolutely love it, and they get so excited over assembly.  We play a game, have a skit or a song, and then Mr. John comes and gives a message. We have a chant for everything we do! My favorite song is basically the anthem here at Light of the Village. I catch myself singing it ALL the time, even when I am not at camp. “J-E-S-U-S He is my everything. The J is for Jesus. The E is for eternity. The S is for salvation. And the rest is for US!” I promise you, the kids know every word to it. It makes my heart so happy to hear them all sing it! 
There is a program at LOV for some of the high school kids who have grown up coming to camp. They have the opportunity to become TeenLeaders. They are responsible for taking the kids to the different rotations through out the day, and they keep track of behavior. The kids truly love, respect, and listen to them. I have really enjoyed watching them step up as leaders and grow spiritually. It makes me so proud they chose to spend their summer serving Christ instead of getting caught up in all of the negative things that they are surrounded by. 
I think the reason I love it so much here is the love that everyone shares. I get to camp in the mornings, and I am immediately greeted with a hug and someone saying “Hey friend!” This isn’t just the case because it is Week 5; they have been doing this from day one. The kids don’t care what kind of car you drive, how much money you make, or even the color of your skin. All they want is your time and attention, and they will open their hearts to you. Unfortunately, many of our kids come from homes where they aren’t shown much love or attention, and in some cases even told they are unworthy of love and attention.  Here at Light of the Village we want them to learn they are worthy, and they are loved. Not only by us, but by Christ. In the midst of all the darkness in Alabama Village, there is a light, and it is right here at Light of the Village. 

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