April: From Teacher to Student

My name is April, and I’m new to this whole intern and summer camp thing. This is my first year serving with LOV and I have to say thus far the journey has been amazing! I am so blessed to be able to serve among and beside the people in which I am serving this summer. If you would have asked me several months ago how I would be spending my summer, working at a summer Bible camp in Alabama Village would probably have not been on my list anywhere, but I am so grateful God presented me with this opportunity. 
I went into this summer with the hopes of sharing Christ’s love, mercy, and grace, as well as teaching others how to share that same love that was freely shared with me. However, after the first two weeks of camp I have come to realize that I am actually the one who is learning. I am learning that it doesn’t matter to children what you look like, what kind of job you have, or how popular you are. Rather, it is your willingness to spend time with them that matters most. Whether it is pushing them on a swing, tossing a football back and forth, or simply playing a game of tag, I have realized that the little time we are able to spend with them means the world to them. It is also through these small acts of kindness that I am able to share the love of Christ just as it was shared with me several years ago. 
So do I know what the rest of the summer will bring my way? Absolutely not, but I can be in peace knowing that Christ is in control, and I am serving Him just where He wants me to be serving Him this summer. I’m excited about this summer, but most of all I am humbled by the privilege that I have been given to serve Christ in this community alongside an amazing group of people. 

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