Elisabeth (Ebiz): The One is Worth It


It has been an amazing beginning for this first time Summer Bible Camp Intern at Light of the Village! During the week of training and days leading up to the first day of camp, I was starting to get a little bit anxious. I wasn’t sure if the kids would think I was weird, or if they would even talk/interact with me. However, as usual, God had a plan and helped me ease right in through the first day of camp. Right when free time (the time before assembly where the kids can play on their own) started on the first day of camp, I had a girl race up to me asking “Can I do your hair?” As soon as she started braiding my hair, I had two more girls join us. So far every morning at camp the same girl and her sister have found me during free time to “do my hair!” This interaction showed me that the kids really just want someone to notice them and show that they care enough to interact with them daily. Like everyone else in the world, they just want some type of consistency.

The age group that I get to work with this summer is the 8-10 year old boys. They are full of energy that varies from normal everyday excitement to barely controlled (if controlled at all) chaos! Even though it is like trying to keep up with twenty small whirlwinds, I am really enjoying myself. My favorite part of the day so far is when we go to Dance or any other activity with music. The boys instantly start dancing! Their love to dance is contagious, and I can’t help but join along and feel like a kid myself again.

Every day after the kids have rotated through three activities, we end the day with Bible Study. At first I thought it was going to be very hard to have even one of the boys sit still and pay attention during Bible Study. Again, I was happily proved wrong. It shocked me at how many of the boys actually listened and interacted with the lesson. Of course with 8-10 year old boys there is always going to be some extra energy floating around, but for the most part the majority of them sat in their chairs and listened until the very end. When asked at the end what they had learned, some were even able to say the exact point of the lesson back to me, which really encouraged me. That is what really motivates me day to day. If God allows me to connect with or help just one kid become closer to Jesus, then any hardship or setback to get there is worth it. Camp has only just started and God has already done so much! I can’t wait to see what else HE has in store and where HIS plan will take all of us.


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