Pilar: Learning to Lean

Working with LOV’s new camp, Camp Faith, is beautifully enlightening. I know it sounds cliche but these kids have taught me more than I could ever imagine me teaching them. The 4,5&6 year olds are amazing. Me and Jellybean (my teen leader) re-named them the Baby Beans; it fits them perfectly. They are tiny, sweet, and fun to play with. 🙂 I told Morgan I feel like I’m getting paid to be a mom. Sometimes I feel like the kids are actually mine. They have taught me how to show unconditional love. The kids have moved me to a place where I can let go and trust God more. Every morning we register kids, which means every morning there is a possibility for a new set of kids. On an average day there are about 32 kids…that’s a lot of 4,5&6 years olds!!!! At first I was scared that the numbers would effect my effectiveness; then God whispered, “Lean on Me,” and I listened. As the numbers fluctuate, my heart remains steady, and the Baby Beans continue to show me the love of Christ. I truly thank John, D-lo and Morgan for giving me this opportunity. I love this job with all my heart.

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