Gabrielle: The Joy of Giving

Gabrielle and girls

Many people believe ministry is a one-way street. Followers of Christ go out into the community and help serve others, whether it be feeding the homeless, visiting the elderly, or working at a children’s summer camp. I have found this to be untrue; ministry is just as much a blessing to those who serve as it is to those who are being served.

“You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 20:35

I love this verse because it is so true. When we give of ourselves, we WILL be blessed in return. Many people mistakenly believe we will be repaid with some monetary reward or physical thing, that if we help others, God will bless us with riches or make everything go well in our lives. While we may be rewarded monetarily, I believe one of the best blessings is being able to hear a child share how she as become closer to Christ and how she reads her Bible and prays daily, or to see a kid smile simply because you’re playing with him and have let him know that he is important and has worth. Some blessings are not seen but are felt in the spirit. When we serve others, the Lord gives us a joy that is indescribable. It is not a sense of pride or accomplishment God gives us, but just a pure and simple cheerfulness just knowing someone’s life has been impacted because of His love. When we are focused on others’ needs, we have less time to worry about ourselves and our problems, which are many times meaningless compared to others. Narcissism and focus on self brings us down because it is not what God intended. His true desire is for us to put our neighbors above ourselves. Some days, we may be too tired or worn to feel like helping others- it’s too hot outside or it’s not what exactly what we feel called to do. But I have seen that every time I’ve ever felt like that, I have walked away feeling renewed and so thankful for the experience.

Light of the Village has truly been a blessing to me. I love being able to get up four days a week and share the love of Christ with these precious children. I look forward to it daily, and it makes me happy knowing a difference has been made in so many lives because of this ministry. Being a part of LOV has made this one of my best summers yet- not because every single moment is perfect, but because seeing individual lives being changed by Jesus Christ is a beautiful and wonderful thing to witness.

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