Gabrielle: Reflections on Week 1 of Summer Bible Camp


“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it” (John 1:5). This is our verse, and essentially our theme, for this year’s Summer Bible Camp. Over the last few days, during this first week, I have really come to realize how dark of a place Alabama Village is. I have volunteered with the University of South Alabama Baptist Campus Ministries at the after school program for two years, and though I knew life was hard there, learning the little details has really astounded and shocked me. I’m seeing more clearly how many kids have never had running water, or how some have had to go without electricity for a point of time. I am one of the interns for the 7-11 girls group, and one of my girls, A., quietly pulled me aside the other day to show me her uncle’s picture on the wall of the ones who have been killed. These are not issues that most people in the United States have to deal with. And it has just been all the more obvious to me how essential Light of the Village is in showing Alabama Village the true light of Jesus Christ. 

The first week really flew by, and it went by with only a few minor issues. The night before it started, I was very nervous. How on earth was I going to lead a group of 20 something girls, teach them Bible study every day, make sure they do what they are supposed to, etc. But the Lord has helped me, and it has been a great week. I love my group of girls! Of course, it hasn’t been perfect; it’s a little disheartening when a girl wants to point out the wildlife to the whole group instead of listening to the Bible study, but overall the week ran much smoother than I anticipated. It has been tiring for sure; it’s extremely hot outside, and it gets kind of chaotic. But I honestly don’t know of anywhere else I’d rather be this summer. I feel like God placed me here for a reason, and I know He will guide me and Lindsey, the other intern, as we lead our group of girls. I’m excited to see what the rest of the summer holds!

One response to “Gabrielle: Reflections on Week 1 of Summer Bible Camp

  1. Dolores

    We are having such a blast getting to know you too Gabrielle! Thank you for your service!


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